Master of Physiotherapy (MPT)

Master of Physiotherapy (MPT)

1) Cardiopulmonary Sciences

The Master of Physiotherapy in Cardiopulmonary Science (MPT. Cardiopulmonary), is a two years postgraduate Physiotherapy degree level course. The course develops candidates as qualified and experienced clinicians able to broaden and deepen their theoretical, clinical skill with strong communication skill, influencing practices and service delivery in the area of Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy.

The course of study is designed to provide in-depth knowledge, information, techniques and about the activities associated with Physiotherapy in Cardiopulmonary discipline, in a comprehensive manner. The study is focused on theoretical and practical aspects and principles of techniques in an academic discipline such as Medical and Surgical Management of Disorder of the Cardiopulmonary System, Physiotherapy Management in Disorder of the Cardiopulmonary System, Research Methodology and Biostatistics, Management / Administration and Ethical Issues, Biomechanics.

This course will provide planning and execution of independent research project/dissertation in order to validate techniques and technology in practice of physiotherapy in rehabilitation of cardiopulmonary conditions. Thus it will make students focus on practicing the concept of protection of rights of the community during referral as well as first contact practice in order to provide honest, competent and accountable physiotherapy services to the community.

2) Transplantation Rehabilitation

The courses were conceptualized by the management and designed and given shape by the first and former Principal Dr. Neetaben Vyas. The Master of Physiotherapy Course in Transplantation Rehabilitation is a regular full time course of 2 years’ duration. Transplantation Rehabilitation is an innovative and nascent field. Considering the rate of increment in organ transplantation centers and number of transplantations performed annually not only in India but globally, there is rapidly increasing demand for the care of the patient before and after transplantation.

The course is designed to deliver the knowledge of basic science covering all clinical and surgical aspects of organ transplantation, Transplantation biology, aspects of immunology, Clinical science and pharmacology related to abdominal organ failure, pre - post transplantation management,Physical and functional evaluation insubjects with solid organ failure, before surgery, immediately after surgery of transplantation, critical care and In-patient management of transplant recipient, and long term follow-up.